Guiding Your Inner Child

innerchilddrawingWhat is it to be stopped dead in your tracks when your broken inner core keeps popping up? Well is this not the million dollar question? I am talking about these things because as always, I am working on myself, and as I see where I am falling down I figure I should share the learning curve with all of you .

Yes, I thought you would be most appreciative. <smiling> Well this is what I would like to share with you today… Your inner core has everything to do with why you respond to things and lose sight of your needs without even realizing that you have done so. The inner core of our broken self is a most wounded being unto themselves. They can sabotage us at the drop of a hat and then we have so much clean up to do to make up for it.

They can hold us back in our walking and growth for years and years without us even being aware of that most broken part. I am sharing because if you are the Guardian to this little one that is broken and resides inside of you, your insights about the world around you will be even a greater and more loving experience and that is what you and I are really doing this wonderful dance for.

So how do you begin to recognize this inner core and then once you do how do you keep the pain and hurt from getting in the way of supporting your need for change in your life? One of the things I hear from my new students and clients is: “How do you see that I totally missed my need when I took that action step.

I am sharing this because it is very important, when you are just learning all these things, that those mentors or teachers or guardians are not attached to the outcome. This makes it very easy to see where you have told your story in such a way that even as an adult, you are supporting your pain in the choices and actions that are keeping you hostage… all because that broken little child inside hurts. So when you are making choices about your own family, your children,  and you are not aware of how this inner core is working, and that your choices, even though it looks like you are taking care of your family, are really about your need, not your child’s need. Which brings up a whole new set of issues because the child, or children, will never recognize what you did for them because of course… it wasn’t for them… it was really supporting your broken inner core (child).

What a web we do weave. It is very important that first of all, you find and work on healing that beautiful little child within you first. Then when you start filling your needs you will recognize how well you have done because any of those unexplained expressions of emotion will have to do with that woundedness that still has to be addressed by you. At least you will already be at a place of recognition and not feel like you are losing your mind.

You do not want to lose your mind, no you want a whole and happy experience on this plane of existence. Not one where you are always feeling that the spinning is making you lose control. One small word of advice here about that spinning out of control… I am going to use the analogy of a tornado… When you watch the tornado, it is spinning wildly and it picks up everything in its path. It does not stop. It keeps spinning and the things that it should not use spin out of the center and are released.

Keep this in mind when you feel yourself spinning. Don’t stop the spinning… it is the energy to help you let go of the things that you do not need any longer. Stop judging it as being out of control, instead see for yourself how you want to be in charge of the action steps you take, not try to control the tornado you brought into your life to help you get rid of old concepts and ideals that no longer fit your internal knowings.






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