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stairway to heavenI know I spend a lot of time on writing about communication. How important it is to know that what you are saying is being heard by those that you are trying to share with, and of course the most important part of communication… hearing the words you are sharing with others and asking yourself if they are the true words you are saying about yourself.

Yes, it is very important to take stock of the words that we say all the time. Even, and maybe most importantly, the words that flow from your mouth without you taking the time to think about them. Positive affirmations can be very dangerous if you are not really looking at the communications that are coming from your deep heart and the thoughts that are going through your mind. In fact, they may be the very thing that is causing the conflict in your life.

It is very important to look at the conflicts because they are your physical clues that lead you to the very thoughts that do not match what you feel about you in your heart. It is when those two things begin to blend together in harmony that you will see glorious change in your physical life. That is what you are really looking for, right?

I have worked with many people and until they really begin to understand and to really feel how their thoughts are a random free fall from the truth of the Universe and how those thoughts then lead you farther and farther away from your heart… So far in fact that when you begin to walk back into the truth of having your very own heart lead you through every thought word and deed you feel totally lost .

That is because you have spent your life trying to find someone to guide you in your choices and no matter who it is and no matter how that person tries to help you they are not you… they do not have your mathematical equation so the more often you have gone outside of yourself for guidance, the longer it will take for you to walk back to the center of your core, the center of your 360 degrees, and then when you are back to the center you will then begin making your choices from the single thoughts and that one feel from your heart .

So now the art of communication is the loving expression you share with yourself so that with each choice you make for yourself and yourself alone, you are sharing the Universal Love with yourself.





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