Growing Beyond the Child You Were

What is a trigger point when I am talking about freeing your choices? What happens that those choices then change the very world you live in?

little girl withinWhen we have had a life experience and we have not had a Guardian walk us through the choice we made, especially as a very small child, we ‘write’ the experience in a way that literally holds our emotions in that age of the small child. Your body grows and you have more experiences, and if you have a Parent instead of a Guardian (who guides you to yourself through questions), you begin to add on the side of those ‘stories’ and not in the truth.

So, you can tell the same story, with the very same emotions, 20, 30, even 50 years later. That is showing you, emotionally you have not allowed your internal self to grow past that very small child. So certain words, certain vibrations, will trigger you to respond from that very young emotional child.

Is this beginning to make sense to you? I take people through their stories so that they can begin to see where they broke from the truth and made the story more important than the emotional fabric that a Guardian would have walked you through.

In other words, we will re-walk through the story you have been telling. As you go through this process you will begin to see where, because you lacked guidance at certain points, you have allowed experiences to sway your life in directions that don’t serve you; and how that is still in play today.

Now, once again I caution you… you are going to have to let go of those stories. You are putting too much emphasis on the ‘story’ and it is blinding you to the truth. That is why you did not gain from seeing where your choice was relative to your reaction to the circumstance. Today we have generations of parenting on top of generations and so we are all really sitting in a reactionary mode.

The only thing you have to do to change everything in your life is to start looking at what is triggering you into being upset or angry or sad. These long-held emotions are your first clue that your story has become more important than the lesson of being free and creating each and every moment for your self-growth and the simple joy of being here.

If you do not experience simple joy, if you are of a mindset that things happen to you, not for you, then you are in the ‘story’ of your life instead of the joy of what you have learned about making choices simply for the sweet joy of the physical experience.

Those that tell you it has to be hard work so that you appreciate whatever it is you are working for, are being a parent, not a Guardian.

It is now your choice… are you going to continue to parent yourself in your spiritual growth or are you going to become the leader of self?

Are you going to ask yourself simple questions that will set you free from the story line that is keeping you hostage in a way of life that makes you miserable?

All you have to do is stay focused. In that focus you will catch yourself when you are about to simply repeat a habit of speech or action due to a practiced response from your old worn out stories. I say choose to be your own Guardian… it will set you free to live in joy.

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