Goodbye Dear Friend…

Today is a special blog post. I would like to share how we can feel our sadness of a dear and beloved friend or family member passing from this world into the 5th dimension or as some call it… heaven.

My Dearest friend of 23 years passed from this world to the next last Thursday evening and I was on the road traveling when I got the message. I knew she was close to leaving and had spoken to her on the phone and through facebook just a few days before.

Yet, how does one grieve when one stands in the truth of there is really no end to a persons soul energy?

When I got the call I was driving my car on the way to Sedona Arizona so I could not stop and mourn her leaving. I decided to go to the 5th dimension and look in on her. Seeing that she was happy and whole again, I could feel her soul flying with the joy and sweetness of being back home; Of not having the veil covering her mind from the truth of who and what she always was.

That gave me peace of mind until I could take the time to be by myself and truly feel my good bye of my Dearest friend. I choose to go to the Grand Canyon. I am terrified of heights, but I went out to Hemitts rest and stood holding onto a tree looking down 3000 feet. I can honestly say, as the wind was blowing on my face and the sun was shining on my head, I looked out over the canyon seeing it’s immenseness and depth with a true peace while standing there.

I knew I had unlocked another piece of myself as I stood holding the spirit of my friends hand. For me it was a very deep spiritual communing. I share this because each and everyone of you, too, will have people who leave this plane.

As your studies will teach you and you will begin to accept… there is no end. We should be happy when our friends and loved ones return home where the stories of our earth plane can no longer hold sway over us. I am happy for her, I love her and will continue to work with her even though she is not here.

Yet, even with all I know, feel, and believe, I still have to walk, share, be held and loved as I say my final good bye here on this earth. In so doing I have received many unexpected hugs and expressions of condolence that have helped me walk through my time of mourning my Dearest Friend. So remember to always keep in your heart love for yourself so that you understand and ask for the help and love of others here when you are sad.

In sharing, you will receive in the same likeness. The love that has been shared with me in the last day by friends, family and even total strangers has been overwhelming and inspiring. I am feeling the great spirit of the people on this planet that is so wonderful to feel. So please, share, feel and be in love with yourself. Allow yourself to be able to feel sad as well as happy all in one day. Thank you.

much love,

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