Golddiggers, Women are we? Guys what do you say?

I hope this post gets people to really give me some feedback. This is a question that has been on my mind. I had a conversation with some gentlemen. They were very mad at the way women of today treat them. At first I was just listening to them. They did not have very nice things to say about the dating women of the world. I really thought it was just guys talking but…When I began to ask them questions about why they thought so little of dating women of today they had no trouble telling me. What has happened to the way we think and feel about ourselves that we have so little thought in how our actions are debasing ourselves?

The comments that the gentlemen where speaking about is when they had been seeing someone for a while and wanted to truly talk about their feelings the girls just went flitting away as though feelings should mean absolutely nothing . They were calling women golddiggers and had no respect for any of us at all.

I used the term ‘girls’ before because I am wondering if the women of today have forgotten a very important fact about us as a whole? By the sounds of it we have.

We are the ‘feeling holders’. What does that mean?

Well, we are the ones that stand in true spirit. We are so easily able to bring true spirit into our world, our life experience. That is not as easy for the male populace to do. They stand much more in the black or white of things.

So when a man has time to talk about his feelings is it not at least a just thing to listen? How do we get involved with a man who has more in mind than just dating? I am curious to hear what you ladies and gentlemen have to say about this.

Come on let’s hear from both sides. Women… are you just after what a guy can do for you or give you? Guys… have the women you’ve been dating playing fair, or just using you?

have a glorious day and into the evening tide.

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