Going through the transformation

SocializinginTransformationWhen you begin to search your thoughts, ideas,and your beliefs what is it that you think you should be looking for?

This is a very important first question to begin with. When you are really serious about changing your life you really need to begin at the beginning. When I say the beginning I mean you want to begin with the life story that you hold the most pain with. It is this story that has been affecting your actions, thoughts, ideals, and beliefs .

Without having a Guardian who really walked you through the understanding that you got to have your feelings about the story but as well showed you how and when the choices that you made made the difference in the way you looked at how the circumstances changed and how you look at the world….

So today you have to learn to be your very own Guardian. As you are going through the transformation of learning how choices, all choices that you made, have been the very thing that have you be the being you are today, you can now look at the choices that you have made for yourself and know this is what determines whether you are in charge of your life or if you are trying to control someone else’s life.

You do not want to be in control of anyone else’s life. Trying to control someone else puts you in constant struggle and you can never ever be acknowledged as being a caring loving person by those that you tried to control. It is not possible They have the same god right as you do to make choices simply for themselves. The thing that you lose sight of is that if they make a choice that you do not like that you then have to make choices about whether or not you still want to play with that person. It is that, right there, that you are trying to control. Yet in truth why do you want to spend time with a person or persons that you simply do not feel good with each moment of each day?

It is important that you come to know your internal heart very intimately so that you can see and take the action steps quickly when you know the choice that you are making is  truly putting your own soul on the line. This is where you do need to get. Yes you need to begin putting on the scale of evaluating your choices with whether or not you willing to put your soul on the line. There is no issue or choice that you make that does not affect your life.

The tiniest issue can rapidly be added to like vibrations which can pull your life into the trash in an instant and leave you wondering, Why Me? Make the choice in your life for you! Only you!





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