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What is so important about having someone agree with your concepts or ideas? Why do you, when you are in a discussion with someone, feel the need to talk other people into accepting your ideas and beliefs? Do you really feel that by having others support your choices that they are going to make those choices any better or worse? You should really evaluate from the history of yourself to making choices.

You have all the information that you need right at your finger tips. Now, I am not saying you can not share the choices you are making. I do suggest that you only share when you know you are strong enough to be able to listen to others with their opinions and beliefs. You just want to remember that even if it sounds like sound advice, it is coming from a slightly different degree in your mathematical energy so unless it is coming directly from your heart it will not 100% work for you.

The stronger you get in using your own choices as the gauge of whether you should or shouldn’t have a certain kind of experience, the more fun this world becomes to play in. This is the path to really walking in the joy of simply being here. You will come to a place where there is peace in your heart because the choices you are making for you feel good. When you feel good you radiate good. That is how your friends and loved ones then benefit from the choices that you are making for yourself.

Can you now see why I have been saying Self is Necessary? When you make choices from someone else’s vantage point, or what I have been calling their mathematical energy, you always come up only filling a portion of your needs. You feel as though no one is hearing you or loving you enough. So now you have a way to fill your needs and love you in a way no one else can.

You are there within your being, you know your heart… your thoughts… your feelings… who better to fill them? Now, if this is giving you a scare then you must look at that. Filling your own needs and not making anyone other than you responsible for filling your needs means that when you drop the ball you have the power of choosing to do something different without being angry or mad.

You do not have to sit in a feeling of nobody cares. You know you care. It takes just the time to evaluate the choice that made you unhappy and change the choice and poof… you can be happy again.

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