Giving up self-sabotaging beliefs

Now we must stand in Love – the kind of love that reaches past guilt, hatred, obligation, greed, fear, etc. Yes, it is possible right here and right now. Even with the way our world is right now.

Do you really want to learn about this? There are many ideas and beliefs that you are simply going to have to give up. That is not as easy as it may seem. Do you listen to even half of your thoughts that you are thinking about at any given time?

Here is an experiment: Turn on the television, pick any channel and start taking notes about what you feel about the subject that is being discussed. It does not matter to me if it is a comedy, factual, sci fi, horror, news, religion, politics, just start taking actual notes of the thoughts that you are having.

Put down all the emotions that your are experiencing right then and there. Do not just put the good feelings down. Challenge yourself. Watch things that make you feel uneasy. Things that you say you could just not watch.

I have a student that has not caught on to how this would set them free of things that they have kept hidden from themselves. Stop putting your head in the sand people! Then start looking at what you believe in.

Do not judge this. This is the start of seeing things you may not believe in any more. You just forgot to delete it from your thoughts.

It will begin to show you emotions and feelings that you have been keeping from yourself. Not from others, mind you. We are not attached to your beliefs so of course we can hear what your thoughts about anything are just by listening to your random speaking.

It is very interesting to listen to my clients and students. I ask them a question about what they had just said, they will immediately state that is not what they meant.  They do not realize that I am using what they said to make my response. That is how it works.

If people are listening to what they are saying, they can hear where their beliefs are setting them up.

Yet we want to sit in judgment of those beliefs. Then we do not want to think that could possibly be us. I assure you… it’s you!

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