getting to understand why we allow mind chatter.

I have spent a lot of time on mind chatter because this is the major block to our changing ourselves for the long haul. As I walk in my daily life I look back and remember how just sleeping was such a chore for me. I did not walk in a minute of the day where I was not worrying about how I was going to pay this bill, or what was I going to do about this person and how they acted. I could not spend time in really loving who I was or my life. I was one of those trying to be a ¬†‘new ager’, of thinking positive. But behind closed doors, I was unhappy and a mess. I knew I was off and could not find the truth.

Which in turn made me angry and upset with everything I tried to do. So, of course my family stepped outside of themselves so that I would not be angry at them. What a mess. Long story short… how many of us are upset and do not even know why, but we lash out anyway?

We have heard how those that we love the most get the most heat. I say bull crap. We need to pull up our bootstraps and start looking inward. You can use all the excuses you want, but that is not going to change how you feel about life until you start looking at you! Yes… I mean the real you. Stop! Look! Listen! What do you hear?

It may be coming from someone else’s mouth, but, it is our way of getting ourselves to hear the things we do not want to hear about ourselves. Next, those words are true. Yes, they are. Now you have to be strong enough to look at the words and find out why you have chosen to have these kinds of words come at you. Get past who said them. Just hear them as if you are saying them yourself. This is the next level of mind chatter, when we do not deal with it right away it begins to just repeat in a loop in our heads. That is why we come to a place of no rest.

To start to take control, you must begin to admit that you have always been the only one who can be in control of you. Not of anyone else. In every area and scenario of your life you have chosen to respond in Love, Anger, Fear, Sadness etc, etc, etc,. When we come here in truth we can begin to stop blaming. I mean blaming ‘them’ and blaming yourself. The more you play the blame game the less you will be willing to love yourself.

Do you agree with me? Either way I’d be glad to hear from you. ¬†Have a wonderful day and into the evening Tide.

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