Getting to the truth

I would like to talk about this process of getting to the truth. The truth about anger is we were basically scared and that made us feel ashamed. So we decided to call it mad. ( We were all of two years old maybe.)

Once again, we did not have a Guardian to explain to us that we get to be scared. Then work on what we were scared of while showing us that if we go within we do not have to be afraid.

Why would we put shame on the face of being scared? Well, of course someone made fun of us. We did not have a relationship with a recognized Guardian so we kept the hurt to ourselves.

When we did bring it to our Parents usually they had their own issues and they did not have a Guardian to help them with their internal struggle, so we got the brush off.

I am not saying that for generations we have not been loved by our Parents. Nothing of the sort. I am just showing how, like everything in this Universe, everything is a rather large circle.

Once we get back to learning how to become a Guardian to ourselves, we can begin to understand where our very own boundaries are.

So, anger is fear. Fear caused us shame so we started to close down. It is such a shame… heheeee…. (pun intended), that we started to close down so early in our experience on this earth plane. Almost as soon as we started to have fun with those little bodies or ours.

Today I look at small children and give them so much credit. They have a fully functional brain, and that is it. They have to start from scratch. They still remember, from being in the Fifth dimension, how easy everything was to experience in Love.

Now here they are and they have to learn how to use those wonderful little hands and feet. How to build up those muscles so they can begin to move on their own. To begin to speak the language that is at their disposal depending on where they live.

I have to give credit to the souls that are coming into this plane right now. It is a lot of work just learning to be human.

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