Getting to the root

rootsAs you are looking at a part of your experience make sure that you always connect it to one of the tools that I have been sharing with you. Such as… asking yourself did you respond because of what was said or done or did you react because of a learned behaviour or maybe it was because that little child within you flared up and reacted before you could truly look at what was actually happening?

When I work with someone, one of the first things that we work on is to learn how to really share those feelings (happiness and joy) and those emotions that may trigger that learned behaviour or that gut hurt reaction which is that small child in you that takes you places that no adult should really tread.

I say this because once you can determine how to bring that small child up to your present day, you will not have those hurt emotions that have nothing to do with the experience you are in right now. You will not draw to you past experiences over again and again. The reason you have those repeats is because you are trying to bring to the surface those parts in you that never were supposed to be a part of your life history.

You picked up broken pieces when you were told, bribed or forced into walking over your own feelings and it blew up in your face. At that time a Guardian should have walked you through the experience and talked with you so you could see where your heart was telling you to not participate. Instead, what happens so often is that you feel so bad about what just happened, or you feel stupid or humiliated, so you do not share with anyone what just happened. That is where you walked away from the internal truth of you internal god source.

That is the very moment that you should begin your contemplative state. Look at why you told yourself it was okay to put yourself into a situation that was more harmful to you than saying out loud, “No! I’ve change my mind”?

This is a very serious question: Why do I think it is easier to put myself into a situation I know, by that internal feeling, that I am going to come to some kind of harm? Look at why you still feel it is easier to walk into being hurt on any level rather than to say no I am not going to do this?

This is where you have to really, even through tears, through humiliation, through feeling you should already know this, and any other statements you make to yourself to prevent you from truly asking the one question that will set your heart free. Just one question. Let the answer filter up to you without going through those statements designed to derail you. Then when you get the answer, if it does not give you an action step, then ask one more question, make sure it is about the answer not the statements you are prone to making all the time… keep being honest with yourself until you come up with the action step that you can do, that you will do, that will begin to change your life so you can set yourself free.





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