Getting to know your thoughts

thoughtsDo you spend time getting to know your thoughts? One of the tools that I use with students and clients is that they should take a look at their random thoughts and just follow one thread and see where it takes them. Now you would think that would be a simple enough act, but do you know that most people cannot take more than 30 seconds on any thought?

Think about it, you are driving your car and you have thoughts going on in your head, you then start a conscious thought about walking back into being in charge of your life. Within seconds the next conscious thought is you planning your dinner or wondering if you have to run the children in your life somewhere when you get home. Poof! that is how fast it is.

In the very beginning when you go into your random thoughts it will take some time to practice being very focused on the thoughts that really are flowing through your mind.

It has been a very long time since you really paid any attention to those random thoughts. I know for myself when I first began this process I was wondering just how much of my time was used up by all these thoughts just flowing through my mind. I was so amazed at what I was missing in the daily things, the people around me, and I always thought I was a very attentive person until I began to see how much valuable time was spent wondering what I was going to do about my bills, yes most of my thoughts were spent in fear of how I was going to pay for something or another.

It is very sad that all of us are so worried and that so many of our thoughts are having us miss the most beautiful things that are going on in any day of your life. Once I realized that this Universe was setup on us looking at the outcome, I understood we are supposed to be sitting in the feelings about what it is we desire to express in our lives and yet most of you are spending hour after hour in the final destination so to speak rather than the feeling we desire to feel. In other words if you are really sad today, and you do not find the way to bring your emotions and thoughts through to the conclusion of the choices that got you into the life experience you are in right now, you will have the same intensity of sadness tomorrow, if not more so.

That is correct. This whole process only takes a 24 hour period to change your life. Yet it takes much focus on your part to just follow one thought process so that you can begin to take charge of what thoughts are predominant. By finding that out you can start seeing how and why you have made some of the choices that you have. Now look at the first time you made a choice where you knew, in your heart, that it was not a safe choice for you. Ask yourself, “Why did I not simply make a different choice right there?” This is the question that you should spend a lot of your time on. It is right there that you began to tell yourself stories that support your life expressions that you are having today.





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