Getting to know your emotions and why you are having them

Understand-Your-Emotions-Step-1Now I would like to begin to talk about another form of communication. I would like to share how you begin to talk to yourself in the brutal honesty that I talk about. If you have read my blogs or listened to my talk radio show, you will have heard me refer to this concept.

I am talking about getting to know your emotions and why you are having them. That you begin to accept and take the accountability that when you are losing your temper it is because of things that you know you have not taken care of for yourself to make your physical changes complete.

You find yourself trying to defend your non action steps by pointing out things in others that you are connecting with that you are not wanting to take action steps on. Even when you know those very action steps are going to change your world and in your heart you know and feel, even though you can not see with your physical eyes, what your new life is going to look like you know you will be so much happier.

This is where you now have to pull up your boot straps and really begin to talk to yourself and then share these ideas with your support network so that you can hear where your thoughts are really holding you from taking those steps forward. I am not saying that when you get triggered you should repress your emotions. Far from it, find that safe place, that person that you can share your soul with without it being bruised more. Let those frustrations and emotions out. In so doing you will let off the steam and turmoil. Then, and only after you have gotten to express this emotion, should you take a look at the places where you can see you can make the changes that will support you in taking those physical actions steps that will set you free.

Here is where your communication begins to get real. You can see where, because of your inaction, you have now created scenarios with other beings that as you take your new steps forward you are going to have to deal with. Yet you will do so consciously, knowing that you must have patience and love to walk through the garbage that was created in an emotional way by your inactivity. This is where you are learning to walk in the Universal Truth and it will allow you to not only open your heart to those you are showing and cleaning up after, but will then lock in for you how to do your steps out of the love for you, quickly and quietly because it is not only the best for you but for all those wonderful beings who are walking with you.





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