Getting Lost in the Void

graphpolarpaperLately I have been talking about leaking and now I would like to share another piece about this concept. I was showing how your thoughts and words are ways of leaking energy so that the Universe can only supply the old beliefs and concepts. I also shared how what your emotions are today is the thing you are going to experience in your tomorrow, but over time it will become more intense for you.

Why is this so? Each day that you sit in pain takes you farther away from your expression of joy. Pain and sadness are heavy in the concept of atomic weight. So much so that in your mind you come to a place where you become complacent and stop all movement forward. It takes a large amount of effort on your part to start any movement forward once this inertia has set in. Much more than if you are constantly journaling and learning about the choices you are making and how each choice either adds to the atomic weight for growth and happiness or the weight for standing still.

It will begin to make sense to you how you always want to be uncovering those pieces in you that get in the way. The more things in the way, the more unhappiness you are expressing. The really hard part is you feel that you are expressing it, but how are you expressing your bad feelings? Are you trying to get someone else to see your point of view? If you are you are still not sitting in the truth about having made choices and in those choices getting physical experiences to show you whether or not you want to continue to make the same choice or are you going to make a new and completely different choice.

Now you must add a new concept into the mix. It is called getting lost in the void. What is a void in the first place? When you look at a piece of graph paper you see a lot of little squares covering the paper. You see how all the lines are interconnected. There are spaces in between each of the lines. Those spaces are actually voids. They are closed off from one another, they do not have any avenue to connect and share a vibratory rate.

So if you are trying to fill your void by using another person, say to have you feel love, it just cannot happen. You do spend a lot of time wanting someone else to change just so you can be happy. Yet in Universal Truth, we are a being unto ourselves, someone else’s love does not really touch us. I know we have been led to believe otherwise, but what you are really feeling is your own love or lack of love for self.

People come together and play together because on those squares of the graph paper the electrical impulses match. When they do not match, or we try to make them match when they don’t, it throws us times into that void. We do not feel in that void… we only stand still. I want you to think about this and I will begin to talk more about the graph paper and how we fill the void or abyss and how it can never, ever, fill it’s self. Hence the term void.






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