From Their Heart to Our Heart

Hello everyone… well we all are aware of the shooting of 20 children and 6 adults in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, Massachusetts. This has hit each and everyone of us in our hearts in a different way.

When we have such an event as this one how do we stand in the Universal Truth about each of us being responsible for our actions, words and deeds. And that we are each then accountable for the outcome? Especially when that outcome looks like it has adversely affected so many people in our world?

At first this was a very hard concept for me to accept. I looked closely at how I would feel if this was one of my own small children. When my children were young, we had a young boy that saved his brother and friend and then he himself was abducted and never found. My children had nightmares and were afraid to go to school or even play outside. I had to look at what I was going to teach them.

I told my children, as I was crying, you must run… you must scream… and you must not do less than fight for your life! Never go quietly, I would far rather know you were shot on the scene than taken somewhere you could be tortured then killed. Knowing that could happen to my child was unbearable to me.

After this incident I began to seriously ask my Elders, “How can this world be like this, how can innocence be taken and so brutally be used against us?” Since then I have walked and just recently am in the process of writing my own private story about being raped. I saw for the first time, I was also brutally mistreated as a small child into my young adulthood.

For years I did not think I had any innocence, but, with help, I saw in my story, time and time again, where I just shut down around my innocence so that it could not be lost. As I have become aware of that I have begun to allow it back into my everyday experience.

I am sharing this for one reason. When each of us looks at our own stories and we begin to stand up for our hidden innocence, we will feel the compassion that is necessary for us to understand the depth of love we have to feel for ourselves and our own walk. It is that vibration of us hiding our innocence from ourselves

This shooting was, and is, a collective vibration of all of us. Those beautiful children in the pure sense of innocence are/were sending a vibration out for all of us to open our hearts, our minds. To see that change has to come, not necessarily in a way we design, but in the way of a pure love vibration that our world shall change to allow the growth of each individual at their pace, without the collective violence that we have experienced before on this earth plane.

We have already seen this happening as so many different religious affiliations came together to pray for all of those that have gone home. Let us be joyous in the gift that we have been given, let us not hate the one man. Let us look at how often we have been the gunman that made the choice to create chaos and pain in our own lives by the choices we said we could not make even though it was the best choice of all for our internal well being.

Blessings All
with love,

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