Freedom of choice – without judgement but with evaluation.

Today I am thinking about how to explain the wonders of evaluation vs judgement. When we look at the choices we are about to make… or the ones we have made in the past… we must learn to understand that our patterns, those thoughts and actions (and choices) that we repeat time and time again, are not serving us.

You know what I’m talking about…the patterns that get us so upset because we are continually having things happen that we simply do not have a need any longer to experience.

Well, it is at this space… where we are in our anger and or frustration, (which is the clue that we are sitting in judgement) that we could use the skill of evaluating the situation and exploring the reason that we are making the choice.

That is the first step of setting yourself free from repeats without you consciously making that choice. If you begin to look at the reason that you feel you have a judgement about anything, you can challenge your reason and see if you are ready to tell the story of your life differently.

I began to see my life and the choices I was making as lessons. I could repeat as often as I wanted for as long as I needed to learn about myself. I also realized that I could keep the fact that I had these experiences in my life, but I could tell the story differently.

Yes, you can tell your story in many different degrees. Beginning with being the victim all the way through to being the ‘bad guy’ in any story.

When I work with one of my students or a client , we always start with the story they are telling about their life. Then as they begin to feel safe in getting to have the story and work on finding where to build the power of the story, we can begin to understand how to re-tell the story without the judgments. This is where we take our power back, it is where anyone can see that we tell stories with a slant.

The slant can get us caught though. Which brings us back to choices and the patterns that repeat in our lives. So, as you begin to look at your life, and then take the power back, try doing so with the understanding that it was a life lesson. Try looking at the possibility that you and only you were in charge of how and why you responded with your feelings and emotions.

Agree with me???? If not please challenge me or speak with me if you would like to learn more.

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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