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LLCoS_Logo_resizedAs you walk through your day and you are trying to get a handle on this spiritual walk to find the Universal Truth, what does it mean to stand in ones self? When we read books or see movies it always seems that they leave us with the impression you have to give up your entire life. Would you make the choice to walk in truth and love knowing you have to give up everything you know and love today? My guess would be, no! For me I had an internal drive, that always pushed me forward, to learn more, to want to be happy within my internal heart.

So I could not rest with having a life that was not happy. When I say ‘not happy’, I do not mean from the outside, I meant that in my heart, even though things were going well for me, I was not happy on the inside. It was that internal unhappiness, that led me to study the main religions on this Earth. They were empty to me, they only created more questions and did not give the true answers that would fill my yearning soul.

It was then that in my prayers, I begged to have a teacher. I knew there was information that would set my soul free without having the life of emotions that I was experiencing up to this point in my life.

It did take me years to find these teachers and they were not of this Earth plane. It really taught me that I had Elders as well as how to walk toward my Elders and learn from them (some would call them Guardian Angels, different realm all together). When I realized that I could connect with this world of Elders I began to gain a peace for a time. I knew that it was possible. so I studied harder and used my life experiences as the examples that I could learn from.

It was through these experiences that I started tracking and could now see that I really had been guided through my life, so I wanted to learn and then show others what they themselves could do as well.

You do not want to start this for a quick fix of a feeling for today, you will feel dropped if that is what you are looking for.

I do not care what others tell you, this is a life-long learning, hence the reason for my center, Life Learning Center of Self. It is about always reaching and gaining new understandings about yourself as long as you are living this life experience.

Because I do open channeling, I also know, through the fibers of my being, that I have had many life expressions on this planet and that we go in a breath from the 5th dimension to here, as we go in a breath from here to the 5th dimension.

walkinloveWhen you come to a place of sheer joy in learning about yourself and what you can be and accomplish just for yourself, you will be at a place to fly with the information that you will attain. Until then, find the mentors that will stand in honor and love and only share Universal Truths with you that you may fly in sheer joy as I do.

Remember at all times you must question what your are receiving until you have learned your heart, for it will never steer you wrong…

Have a most glorious day till we meet again.

Delrae J Bantz

P.S. I am back in the Western WI/Twin Cities MN area and would love to get together with you and a few of your friends if you’re in the area. If you might be interested in hosting a small gathering in your home let’s schedule it ASAP. More info HERE

I also offer personal One on One sessions. These are hour long private sessions in which you privately meet with me by phone to ask questions, gain clarity and receive guidance. It’s like your very own ‘personal teleseminar’!

You can use your session to receive guidance and teaching on anything you desire.

The sessions are accessible in person or through Skype.

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