For the first time stand in the truth and allow the healing to begin

truth piss ypu offCommunication, communication, communication, is the word for the day. Why is this word so very important? The first thing that you truly want to look at is I am not talking about communication with someone else, I am talking about how you are communicating with yourself. I know I keep harping on this but this is the most important communication you can have to change your life.

when you make choices in your life and you are aware they are going your way it is time to look at what your heart is really about. It is easy when you first begin to take the physical steps and have success. It is because you are staying focused and in that focus you are hitting your marks. Yet, if you do not address the deep thoughts about all that you are, you will begin to see the old issues and behaviours start to pop up and change your life back to the very way you were.

This is because you have stories that you tell yourself and when you are thinking about who and what you are it is so difficult to hear that you are saying and thinking the very things that are preventing you truly from having and being all those things that make your heart flip flop. I say to you learn about your heart. Begin to tell yourself the truth and the truth means to look at the total opposite side of your stories. You have to be willing, sweet one, to see that because of the choices that you made, and please understand you could have made different choices at the time, you experience the results that you have.

It is the story that you have told yourself, the why of the choice that is where your undercurrent lies. So now is the time to look at why you made your choice. Now you need to take the opposite side of that choice and contemplate that. Yes, look at why you did not do something else instead of the choice you made. Do not get in a fight or try to deflect from the space that the choice you made then is the influence that is pushing you off the edge today. Yes it is. Those undercurrents of how you truly feel about the deep you reaches out and touches your everyday life. So instead of deflecting or denying why not, for the first time, have the courage to really look at the moments and hours before you made the choices that have you feel like you do about yourself today.

Would you today make a different choice? Do not deflect right here and justify why you made that choice. This is where you need to be brutally honest with yourself. Do not say it is the only thing that you could have done. That is deflecting. What you want to do right here is to look at what you were thinking at that moment. Why did you not do the very best thing for you? At that moment, for whatever reason, you chose the very thing that would harm you! This is where you have to stand and own that. Stand in the truth that for all the reasons in the world you have been giving yourself, you and only you, can make a choice. People can share their opinions and ideas but it is you, the individual, that makes the final physical choice.

Give yourself the empathy of love,the love that God has for you and for the first time stand in the truth and allow the healing to begin. This is when your life will begin to change and the change will then stay and grow within you .

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