For so long you have been following someone else’s heart…

girl-chasing-heartWhen you begin to follow your heart it can be very confusing because for so long you have been following someone else’s. Yes, you have… you have been following either someone who really does love you but because they gave up their hearts at an early age, have directed you to their very best or you are following someone who is so terrified in living that they simply think that controlling everything and everyone so they feel something is the way to go.

You will be able to tell those kinds of people apart because the ones that love you will truly let you go even though they try to talk you into not following your heart in a very loving round about way. You will know because you will love them but you will feel they simply can’t feel what you are feeling.

Then the controlling ones, well they always have their self interest in mind so they will try to guilt you into doing what they want even as they are asking you to share your thoughts on the whys that you are choosing. They are great deflectors and all things end up your fault, even though you are sharing your feelings and thoughts back to them and how you let them down. Do you see what it is that I am sharing? Do you have these kinds of people in your life?

If so, then you can feel how hard it is for you to begin to stand up and even recognize your own heart. The next thing you will begin to see is because you have not followed your own heart that you, yourself, have been controlling. Oh yes Sweet one, you have. You just need to begin to see how it is you have been controlling the life around you so you could have your life sort of look like you think you would like it to be.

When you are controlling it is because for so long, while you were younger, you never ever felt that your life was in your own hands. That others demanded things from you that you did not want to comply with but you felt you had no choice. You did not know or you did not tell yourself “when I am on my own I will then be able to be in charge of all my life choices.”

Even with that it takes much talking with your internal self to let go of the guilt and obligations that you have allowed.





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