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ToughQuestionsAnswerI would like to talk about how to question one’s self. First of all when I am sharing that the most important part of questioning is to stick to the first question, it is because the first question will take you to the internal truth. Yet it seems to be the hardest thing for each of you to do.

You would not think that asking questions would be one of the first things that trips you up in finding the truth out about the life experience you have just had. What steps do you take after you get your feeling or emotions about what you have just experienced?

Do you find that closest friend and talk about it? What are the steps you take before you take the time to work on the one question that you need to ask as you are journaling? The problem of course is you do not keep track of that very first question that you asked. You will get an answer, now you know whether this answer is a way of blowing you off. What I mean is you have those rote answers that really stop you dead in your tracks. Like when you hear yourself saying/thinking, “I should know better”. Okay now where do you go from there? Or the one like, “It is done. There is nothing I can do about it now”. That is a good one right?
Well I think you know what I am sharing here so you can see you now have to ask the one questions that will break through these rote answers and comments that get you nowhere. One thing that you must do is to have the need to truly understand the thought process that you have that has you still making the same choices. When you come to this place you then begin to ask the questions that will get you past those answers that stop you dead in your tracks.
At the same time keeping in mind your original question, which is… “Why is this experience still happening to me?” Remember, you are trying to walk in the needs and feelings that keep you happy and walk in the true glory that this world has to offer your soul. So practice the art of asking yourself questions that allow you to walk through the experience and find the core belief that is blocking your way to your own success.





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