When you first start learning about changing back to your internal being, the one you choose to be when you first started having thoughts, it seems that you have trouble with those that are in your life. They do not trust this new you. Or maybe even they do not want the new you.

That sounds strange, doesn’t it? But yet,,, there are many cases where you are feeding someone else’s insecurities. So when you begin the steps of filling your needs for yourself, those others are going to feel the lack of energy that will be used on them.

Now I am not telling you this so you quit before you really get started. I do believe and have always believed that once you begin to feel the way to care for your feelings you will not want to live in any other way.

The happier you become you actually begin to send that energy out and all those doubters in your life will benefit.

So many have been looking at this whole concept of living in love and peace a little bit like you have to love everyone to have that come back to you. Well the Universal law is this… what you send out you get back. Not give out and hope it comes back.

I am sharing this because to send out from self you have to feel it within your heart and being.

If you are feeling — no one hears me, no one is there for me — and you go out and help others, there is that underlying energy of your belief that no one is hearing you or helping you, so by the Universal law you can only get back what you are sending… not what you are doing.┬áThere is a BIG difference between feeling and doing.

That is why when you think you are sending out the giving because you are always helping those around you if you still are getting back evidence of not being heard or helped guess what… you are still sending out from your heart. It’s just that you are sending out your belief that you are not heard and you are not helped. So think about it… what are you sending out?

You got it… just what you are getting back.

So learn to listen to your feelings. If you do not truly feel the need to give, in the depths of your heart, then back away from the doing. You will simply become disheartened with the world and the people in your life.

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