Finding Truth – Beginning the Process

begin_processHere are a few questions that you can begin using for yourself to start the process of learning how you have been making choices without taking the time to evaluate why you would make the choice you are considering.

First question: Why am I making this choice? Now I know this sounds very simplistic, but I cannot tell you how often you are making choices without taking the accountability for the choice and then, when you get an outcome that you are not happy with, you go and blame the other people that were a part of the physical experience.

it is very important that you look at those people you are going to be interacting with by making the choice to participate in a given experience. Why are you blaming them when it is you that continues to interact with them? This is a very serious question and it must truly be addressed in a way that you assess every possible way of how it is going to effect the future of your life.

It is your responsibility to take charge of your soul and it’s growth. You must always put on the scale, before you make your choice, if you are willing for anyone else… for any reason… to interfere with the growth and happiness of your soul, life, internal being.

Too often you use the excuse of the physical world as the reason why you do not make what seems like a very little choice on a mundane everyday expression, and evaluate whether or not the choice will keep you on your soul path or simply allow you to coast on the path that is making you unhappy.Yet like I said in my previous blog post, it is the culmination of each and every choice that you make that changes your life experience.

When you see that your choices have once again brought you to your familiar life pattern, the one you are trying to walk out of, this is when you need to stop… really stop and take the time to write your thoughts down so that you can see how your thoughts are the thing that is getting in your way of movement forward.

How often have your thoughts told you that this one time will be okay because it seems you’re feeling happy, things are okay even though you do not seem to find the time to really make the changes in your life because you are so busy with those people in your life.

As soon as this happens I will make my next step.

This is where you ask your next question: If I am not walking my path, my god path, can I really be giving to those people I say I am? Now answer this with heart felt truth.

So have you come to the understanding that you can only make choices that are for you and not anyone else? If not, then do not expect lasting happiness.





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