Finding Safety and Security in Self

Love-YourselfOne of the things that you will need to practice when you are beginning this walk of truth is watching for where you place expectations on someone else. Relying on any specific person or people shows that you have an attachment to that person. Attachments are very harmful for both parties involved.

This really opens a very large can of worms because so many people feel they are¬†entitled to the other person. Let’s say it is parents to the children, or spouses or significant others or best friends or boyfriend and girlfriend or work associates… Do you see where I am going with this?

What are you entitled to? How can you be entitled to a special something from another God Being? Once we are in a long standing relationship with someone else, that seems to give us permission to stop creating for ourselves. Why?!? What happened to the notion that you are necessary to self for your own happiness and well being. The moment you stop seeing that, you have lost your internal power of self.

If you tell yourself, “Oh no, I am just spending time with them because I really feel good when I am with them”, that is your clue you are running away from yourself and the reason you do not fill your life for yourself. This is why children feel they are entitled to your lifestyle without going out and creating a lifestyle for themselves. This is why spouses cry and complain at each other and get confused about who is responsible for who’s happiness, as if one’s happiness depends on the other’s behavior. I tell you that is not the truth.

You can not look outside of yourself for the filling of any of your needs. If it comes from that spouse, or friend, or child, great but if you are getting feedback that is saying, “no, I do not desire to do that thing for you or with you” It is not for you to give up on the need. It is for you to go out and find how your need can be filled to the greatest¬†capacity regardless of who or what shows up to help you fill it. It will fill your heart with deep love. You will also feel that you can fill your own needs at any time. The power of knowing you can always take care of yourself is the power of expansion.

You then know that you are safe and cared for. Yes, by you. It is that welling that you expand upon to begin changing how you experience your life. As you expand from this power center you then begin to see the physical experiences you are having expand and filling you with the surprise and wonder of a greater love than you have known before.

You begin to have proof that it is from you and for you and can only be from you for you to have true peace and joy here on this earth. So you have to change your story once again. It is not about the other person. It never has been. Not your sadness, not your happiness, it is simply and solely from you and for you.

Truly the question has always got to be, “What can I do for me today to expand this glorious expression of the love I feel for myself?”

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