Finding my Passion for myself.


This subject is so fascinating for me. I found in the dictionary 12 definitions of passion. Yet they did not seem to touch on the quest of Passion for self. I think it is the kind of passion that you read in story books. The quest that damn near kills you before you get to the end.

Do you have to have a near death experience to come to an understanding to look for passion? I do not think I have had a near death experience. So, does that leave me out of the running to find how to create for myself in the very center of myself,  the core of me, through passion???

Like many other things that I have explored I do not believe that at all. Now the question is: How do you start standing in the understanding of standing in feelings for self without falling into a pattern of not caring or working with others.

I have a belief that when you start doing things only for yourself, the spill over of the blessings encompasses those that share our lives. Whether that is in them doing for themselves and keeping their dreams alive. Or it’s because you are experiencing and sharing your own gifts that others around you are experiencing with you.

In sharing I just mean that because they are in our lives they also have a place to hold in a group creation.

I am learning that we must stand up for the very first feeling that we have when information comes at us. To hear that feeling and then stand up for it.

Why is it so hard to say no to someone we care for, when we know it is going to hurt our internal self? I have such a weak link, when it is my husband or one of my children that asks something of me. My lesson now is to take the time to listen to my feelings first and foremost. I will unconsciously sabotage my self otherwise; Whether it is getting crabby with anyone around me, or missing the opportunity for whatever I did not feel totally secure in.

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