Finding and Holding the truth of a story, your story.

When we begin to look for the story that we have been telling, one of the things that I personally learned to do, even if I did not like the beginning of the feeling for myself, is to  find a group of people who I could trust. Trust because you will need them to have the strength to challenge you in a way that allows you to break through the hurt emotions that have become the very fabric of your story.

They must have the strength to love as guardians and yet stand up to your anger and mistrust from time to time. This is a must for you to get through the gunk that you have placed in your heart as feelings, as the wrongs done to you.

I had always had an internal knowing when I was receiving the divine truth. I did not always like what I heard. Yet for some reason, which in the beginning was simply the grace of God guiding me to make the right choice, I did the thing that was asked of me.

I felt at times very, very alone. I made choices that no one and I mean no one, could understand. To this day there are people in my life that cannot understand how the call of what I will term today as ‘the voice of my God’, asked for me to do something. When I followed only that, and trust me it was unknowingly for me, it did turn out for the good for me. Was it understood at first? No. I did not understand. I also have to say even following that internal voice in the beginning I got lost and with some devastating results.

Not lost in the following but in how I had told the story about why I was lost. I carried guilt’s  that were not mine to carry.

But once again, that is the danger of telling stories before we are sure about who we are and why we feel the way we do about things, general or otherwise. So I suggest that you follow your heart as you look for teachers to help you… and remember you must feel first… then choose… then experience your choice before you can make another choice that might fit you better.

So begin to find who you are to be safe and bring peace into your life.

Simply begin the first step to be in charge of your heart… your life.

Did you like what you read? If not challenge me…. go ahead I would love to see your contrast to my words.

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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