Finding a Personal Guardian

Mom Having Heart to Heart Talk with Embarrassed DaughterAt first we do have to find that guardian that we can trust. I find this is the hardest thing for my new clients and students. First it is feeling the relaxation to share with someone those inner-most feelings and that those inner-most stories that we share about our humiliations and hurts creates a bond or a vibrational hold on the two people involved in the original story as well as the person that you begin to share it with.

The difficulty that my new students have is when they lose sight of why we have come together. I, as a teacher and guardian, have made it my prime objective to be the contrast to keep you in contract with the Universal Truth and the decision that you have made to change your life.

It is and will be hard for you in the beginning to hold on to two things. First: that you made the choice to make a change in your life. Second: that I have no motivation on whether you take a long time or a short time. I stand in the truth that there is a sequence to have all things accomplished.

I will call you on the words you are sharing with me and the action steps you are taking. I do this in the beginning because of the fact you are submersing yourself into two worlds at the same time. The world that you are returning to after our conversation, the one that you are trying to change… and the world that you have already created. the one that has the deep knowing that your needs and desires are there for you just to realize and then acknowledge that you desire to experience such. You do not have the worries of the ‘hows’, that is the Universe’s job and you simply let it do it’s magnificent job. As a result you have the joy of simply enjoying the experience.

I have found the second world and I have learned to then take and evaluate each experience as a tool for me to become more in tune and complete with the godness that is my birth right. You have not learned to stand there yet, so I am the fulcrum, I stand in the point of neutrality. I stand in the center, the very center, of what your decision is /was. I simply bring to your consciousness what you are saying and doing and how afar apart those actions are from one another.

Why do I do this for you? I do this because you are really thinking that you know what your actions are doing, because the moment you have respite you stop moving forward. But you really cannot see this yet. You have been in stress for so long that feeling good, even a little good, lulls you into thinking you have made those changes in your world. Well that is the illusion and it has gotten you where you are, but not truly out and learning about the god within you and how to have that glorious walk each and every day.

So it is right here I will poke at you. I will say, “Really tell me, what were your choices and how were they going to support your decision for the total and complete change?” That is the job you have asked of me. So when you want to shy away from me, try and challenge yourself… try to remember it is the empathy that I feel for your walk. My only desire is for you to learn sequencing and timing as well as completion of your decision all the way to the end .

Then you will have the tools to walk the next decision in a way that you will see each and every step and how it was truly your walk and your choices throughout the entire experience. Then it shall only be my job to teach you how to analyze and comprehend the symbols that you use to break down the physical experience to accomplish your godness here on this glorious planet called Earth.




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