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joy-with-whiteI have often contemplated upon why our religious teachings began to take us away from the truth. It did not seem fair to me that the truth was not at our disposal. That the truth of how to love, how to fill our daily needs, how to grow in spirit, how those simple God given rights were very quietly taken away from us.

What we were given instead was how to take away from our Divine Essence. The outside teachings have spent decades, even centuries, programming us to go outside of ourselves for truth and understanding. Yet, how many questions to the religious teachers have actually ever been answered to your satisfaction?

I mean answered in a way that you could feel and see happen in your everyday world. The kind of answers that led to your bills getting paid, your heart filling up to over flowing with sweet love; The kind of answers that led to where you were in joy getting up in the morning and were so quietly happy that you just wanted to reach out and touch anyone in your day with kindness and happiness.

I only have read and heard it is not for in this life, but, for your eternal afterlife. Bull! That is not what I found out by going to the Internal Source. At a very early age I had a sense to pray directly to my God (at the time I saw ‘God’ as a ‘him’). I saw that in talking to him, I did get answers, but those answers led me on a path that was very far away from what we call religion today.

I have learned how to honor self. I have learned that the first commandment has to do with the Internal God Source — nothing about ‘shall not’s’, it is always about what you should do, in love. It is about that this walk is a lesson, a lesson that I set up for myself, to learn to enjoy, to sing, and be happy, to play, and to teach others to play as well.

This has not been an easy task. You would think people would jump at the chance to have total abandon of the heart to love. Not so, most people fight to hold on to their pain and misery. Yes, you heard me, they fight, they defend their stories and those people that keep them from the real truth about this world.

That is also a lesson I have learned. As God Beings with their own Internal God Source, they have just as much right to their pain and misery as I have to my soaring soul and deep love of this planet and my life. Funny how that works, so many forget that just like they get to have their pain, their loneliness, and their hatreds for the things around them, that then others get to have their deep love and caring for themselves.

I so love this world I live in. I see that many desire to have a change to feel what I feel, yet the steps they take to maintain their pain is so remarkable indeed. Look at your actions, your words, are they defending the ideals and concepts you desire to experience or are they simply defending the emotions and lifestyle you desire to leave behind?

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