Filling our own needs

In my last post I was speaking of being a child and of watching them as they first come to our plane of existence here today.

They have so much to learn. Then they get a Parent instead of a Guardian. You can see it everywhere with so many Mothers and Fathers.

When you go into a grocery store and a child is crying. All because it was the parents need to bring them with.

Lets talk about needs. Ours and others. Walking over boundaries everywhere here.

When I was actively raising my children (who are all grown now), I sure had to learn to stand in just my needs. Not do things just because this little person says they would like something.

I know I am opening a can of worms here. I am going to be tripping a lot of triggers in a lot of people. Which shows that very few of us know how to stand in our own needs.

There should be not one person getting  mad about those last few words that I just wrote.

If  and when we learn to fill our own needs we will not be expecting others to do it for us.

Can you just imagine what that would mean to this place we call Earth? We would not have a reason to fear, or hate, or begrudge, or feel shame, or… or…or. I hope you are understanding where I am going with this.

Let’s see if we can scratch the surface of filling our own needs.

I am calling a need anything that I need to make myself feel happy. That encompasses all things just for me.

My greatest challenge when this thought first came to me was how do I take care of my family and still fill my needs? How do I tell everyone I was dealing with ” do not use guilt and obligation on me”? And what about me using it on someone else to get what I wanted?

This is one of those circle things I was talking about before. That first Law of the Universe.

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