Feeling the lightness of your heart

rays-of-light-gI have just began to talk about our communications with ourselves and matter. I shall like to explain a little about how your internal communications in truth with yourself is what makes the weight that you feel in your heart as you walk in your everyday life .

The one thing that I stress each and everyday with each and everyone of you is that no one else can make you happy. No one! I know you tell yourself they do. I know you tell yourself things like, “if they would just change a little and do this for me that you then could be happy.”

That is not true, the first thing you need to accept about you is that you are going to have to be the one that makes you happy. You begin to make yourself happy by standing in the truth that you made the choice to compromise your heart for the sake of someone or a group of people you are saying you love.

This is the concept you have accepted and by accepting it you have created a physical heaviness that puts a weight around your heart that does not allow you, when you know fully well you are not happy, to make the immediate changes to once again align yourself up to your heart and the Universal Truth.

So my sweet friend… you need to begin to stand in the truth that only you can make the choices from your heart to make you feel totally happy. This is a place that each and everyone of us should be taught by our parents, teachers, spiritual leaders, our communities, the leaders of our countries. That first you must become one with your very own heart. Once you take the true responsibility for your choices of your heart you will begin to see that you should have from the first choice made by you, that you do not put your heart and soul on the line for any other god-being here .

But you have found yourself in a place where you now have to untangle yourself from your so called responsibilities… and that is what is preventing you from taking the proper action steps precisely and quickly. That my friend is call atomic weight, because you have made your previous choices matter more than the choices that you should be making today.

Why don’t you take some time today and begin to ask yourself the question of why? Why would you not learn by the choices of the past? If they did not make you totally happy when you made them, all you have to do is begin to recognize a feeling or an emotion sat in your heart as you were making the choice. When you come clean with yourself about what that feeling or emotions was, you then can take the time not to make excuses but to really tell yourself the truth that you knew at the time you were giving a piece of yourself up with your choice.

Start making your choices by feeling the lightness of your heart when you are making them. Take the responsibility that you could have made a different choice at the time. Yes it would have changed the players in your life. Yet today are you happy with the players in your life? If not it is time for you to feel in your heart the choice that lightens and makes you feel happy. Follow your heart in the lightness. Make joy and happiness be the choice and the reason for the choice, not people you are claiming will do it for you!



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