Feel your feelings!

Okay,  so now you are wondering if being your own guardian is something that you can do for yourself or not. It should be. We have to get in touch with our young self.

Just look back into your memories and bring back to the forefront who and what you were as a young child. I have spent many years in learning the best way to open the door to young memories, with the joy of just being a child.

I have learned that people in general do not seem to want to remember the way they were, before the Parents around them started messing with their boundaries. I have found that people spend a lot of time burying their memories and they seem to put them far away and claim that they are not being affected by these hidden feelings.

That of course is where we have to begin.


Because whether you are ready to believe this or not, you are always being affected by the feelings you spend so much time trying to hide. Oh, yes you are!

You are experiencing all those hidden feelings in each and every one of your physical experiences. That is how this works. It is very simple once we can really see that all of our true feelings are the very things we experience in our physical lives.

If you have read a lot of the “the New Age Spirituality” movement books you may have noticed they do not give you permission to feel. They simply try to get you to continue to hide those every day feelings that are driving you nuts.

How can I be happy if I am slowly going crazy because I can not tell people what I am truly feeling?

How many of you just want to be mad!? Have you ever tried to find out how  you get to be MAD, yet be loving to that person that is driving you out of your skin?

Well, you get to be mad, yes you do!

If you do not express your anger you will explode. Has the new age world talked about what you get to do with the anger? If you do not deal with it right away, guess what, it starts to build up with in you.

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