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deliberate-creation1When you are beginning to learn that what you are feeling is what you are experiencing, you will want to learn the art of communicating your real needs so that they are the things that you are experiencing full time in your world. It is the most awesome experience when you come to the place in your world where you can see for yourself that what you are feeling from the core of your heart is the very expression you are having in your physical world.

Yet, now you are beginning to see how very important it is for you to really stop talking words to yourself, but, to begin to actually communicate with yourself so that you truly become in charge of your experiences.

That is where you become responsible for the truth that you, as your god-being self, have truly come here to play and learn and experience how your feelings become your reality. The second thing is that you take the accountability that it is within your power, and only your power, to be the creative force in your life.

The first step, of course, is to start looking at how you tell yourself your life has been. You begin to take the time to really look at the times, even as a small child, where you made choices. In many of those choices you walked away from the grand plan that you yourself designed before you chose your parents or parent or guardians. While you were creating the grand plans for your expression here you did take into account the fact that variables / other god beings were or were not going to be on point .

We have what is called an Nth degree which allows you the time to discern if your creation is coming to you the way you felt you began the creative actions to have the experience. This is again the very place that you begin to see that it is and has always been the core of your heart, whether you are happy or sad, that is the link to all you experience.

Of course this is just the beginning, you now have to begin breaking down and letting go of opinions, ideas, and beliefs, of this outer world that do not support the simple truth that your communication has to be in the Universal Truth and you are responsible for each and every choice you made that brought you to this very moment in time, reading this very blog post.





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