Expressing yourself without being confrontational

How to get through to people who call themselves, “Being very direct”¬†or as I call it… expressing yourself without being confrontational.

Most people who like being direct are really passive, aggressive. They or you do not realize how they are quietly bullying everyone and everything around them.

They (and/or you) are ‘the nicest’ people, but, they are so in fear of not getting what they think they need that they spend their time trying to control everything around them every moment of every day.

The hard part with this direct personality is they do not see that they have any fault for anything that happens in their life. Does this fit for you when you look at your life and wonder how are you going to change it? Is one of your first questions: How can I change anything in my life, when it is everyone around me that needs to change and won’t?

So, how do other people defend themselves in a manner that they are heard without having an all out fight each and every time they would like to have change in their experience?

Well, first of all, you must learn that you are not supposed to get the other person to change their idea’s or concepts. No. You are not. So often you spend considerable time trying to get people to agree with you, but as soon as you try you have totally walked out of the truth of why you are needing agreement.

It is not about getting the other person to agree with you; it is about you just knowing so strongly, in the deepest, quietest place in your heart, about your birthright, about your issue that you just simply make the quiet statement “this is what I need.”

It is amazing… when you stand in the quiet truth for Self there is no one that can challenge that with any strength behind it.

Because you simply know it shall be. They either will continue to play with you for who you are or they will simply go and bully someone else. There never has to be confrontation.

Being direct is not about fighting to get your way, it is about the quiet assurance that the Universe provides for each and everyone of us to the degree that we can accept in our lives.

So, learning that you are the quiet bully, that you can have everything you really decide you need, and learning how the Universe will supply all your needs and desires with quiet love in your heart is what will make the change in your life… not being direct with someone else!

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