Express to yourself what your needs are

accept responsibilityI am spending a lot of time on the concepts talking to one’s self vs the true form of communications with one’s self. I know you use words that formulate into sentences and you then use these sentences as a form of talking with those around you. Do you get frustrated when those around you either did not hear your talking or they did not understand what you were expressing to them, which then ended up having a misunderstanding between you and them?

Have you not spent time in your thoughts thinking about how much clearer you need to be in order to get yourself heard and then understood? The one thing that you must begin to accept is that talking is only filling the space around you, it is not in any way sharing the thoughts, the ideals, the opinions and beliefs, like you think it is.

First of all you must come to an understanding that to have true communication with others you must learn to communicate with yourself first. Once you have taken the time to evaluate your feelings and emotions, and you have discerned for yourself where you truly stand and now feel about the scenario, you will come to peace with it within your own being. It is then that you can go out and begin to communicate in a way that people will feel your truth about who you are and what it is that you desire to experience in your life expression.

It is not, and has not ever been, intended to get someone or something from outside of you to change. That is impossible. Why? It is impossible because of the mathematical equation that each of us formulates before we are born here on this earth plane. Each one of you is unique in the fact that how any given vibration comes at you is different than how it is felt by the person next to you.

If you are having thoughts about how this person should be able to understand you because ______, well you are simply talking to the air around you. That is the truth. The moment you are sitting in an expectation of someone else doing something for you to show you whatever it is you think you should experience, you are already walking away from your own accountability and responsibility of the Universal Truth of communication.

So take the time to learn how to express to yourself what your needs are and what steps that you and only you can take to make your changes in your life. As you begin to learn how to take your emotions and then your feelings and put them on the same scale, To look at them saying, I must take the steps that brings me to a place where the people, the things, the job, the play, that match my need to be happy is the choice I have to make just for myself.”

You will begin to see that happiness is all around you and always has been. Go ahead, try it, see what happens for yourself.



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