Explore and Evaluate Your Feedback

deflectionWhy have we become so quick to deflect from any emotional or bad feelings when interacting with people?

When you walk in the Universal Truth, you have come to an understanding where you realize the following – you make a choice, you have a physical experience, and then you analyze the physical experience to see if you would repeat any of the sequenced steps that led you to have the physical experience.

So, what is deflecting? Deflecting is when someone else confronts you on a choice or action step you took, and you want to defend the choice or action step or confront that other person about some choice they made rather than stopping to consider whether or not there might be credence to what they are saying to you. When another person brings things to your attention, you have to remember that you brought this exchange about so you could learn to see, feel, and hear physical feedback regarding your choice or action step.

So then why is your first reaction to deflect the information that will show you whether your choice was one that you would make again?

Was it because it stung you when your feedback from another source, other than yourself, was what you would call negative? Yet this walk of using the Universal Truth is all about taking steps, watching how the feedback returns, and evaluating whether you would do so again and again.

Deflecting is just changing the point of light to attack someone else for their choices. Which is out of sequence… because each one of us uses others to receive the information that we can use to evaluate the choices that we make everyday. And that evaluating is important. It helps us see what does, and what does not, support the true essence of our God essence.

So when we deflect and try to use someone else’s choices to change the subject, in essence we are taking away the very feedback that could set us free. Now why would we desire to slow down our own spiritual growth? We must learn the true form of communicating so we do not deflect the very feedback that we need to support changes in our life and not push them away and feel bad because we are on this ever spinning wheel that we call our “icky not satisfying life”.

How do we prevent others from deflecting when we are working with them? Well that is quite simple… as you see them begin to deflect, stop the conversation and ask them to remind you why you were having the original conversation. That will give you the clue whether you will continue the conversation in the vein they are beginning to take it.

This prevents you from getting into an argument about something that really was not on the thread of the conversation you had a desire to participate in. Remember though, you must hold yourself to the same principles. Do not deflect the very information that you sent out to explore and evaluate.

That is truly what shall have you continue on the path of Accountability and Responsibility in the walk of Universal Truth within your life experience. It fills you with the passion for the quest of the answer that enriches your life to greater and greater heights.

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