Experience – the platform that holds the lesson

Experience-White-cherry-flowers-on-sunny-backgroundHave you ever felt like you are not listened to or not heard? Have you been in old relationships and then started new ones and they were wonderful and exciting and then you find yourself feeling the same way? Or perhaps you have a fear of creating the very same kind of relationship of not being heard or appreciated? Are you working on a long standing relationship and find yourself back to square one?

What kind of questions are you asking yourself, what is it about the parts of you that are vulnerable? Are you then looking at what, in this new relationship, is pulling at those pieces in you? Can you then see that the lesson is within you and you are bringing to you the lesson that you need to learn in a deeper loving way for self?

When you are looking at the communications that you need to have with yourself I suggest to journal, it allows you to get out of your head and hear the words you are using. You will find, so much of the time, you no longer feel the words that keep circling within your head. Try to remember though, that the wonder of the Universe is that it is matching the emotions and feelings that you keep circling in that wonderful head of yours, so you really desire and need to address them and change them as you are exploring your opinions and beliefs.

Otherwise you will be experiencing over and over again things that you felt you have addressed and let go of. As you take this walk of realization and growth for yourself be aware that the experience it’s self is not the lesson, it is the platform that holds the lesson. This is so often where we each get lost. We begin to believe that the experience is the lesson. No, you had this eternal need to feel. You sent this feel out through your thoughts, dreams, needs, and before you know it you have the physical expression of those thoughts, dreams and needs. Now go and break down the emotions and feelings you are having so that you can gain the feelings of joy, that is what you are asking for isn’t it?

Oh, you got lost in the time it took from having those thoughts, dreams and needs to the time you got to have the physical walk. Well this is where your discipline has to come in. This is where you must love yourself to allow yourself the grace that you do deserve, oh my really, to have the expression of joy. The wonder that is a part of your process.

Yet as you are beginning to see, you forget in that every day expression that your heart is calling out for change, yet when the change comes calling and you are living it do you then use that change and make the change within your life… Or do you simply add it to your already chaotic life and then say oh my, my life is tearing me apart.

Look closely at the opportunities you have now and have had. Are you using them to change how you interact with the old and new people that your heart has drawn to you or my beloved one, are you simply living your life as though you are not indeed in charge?

Do not wait to wake up when you feel it is too late for you to change to see how many wonderful opportunities you really did have and did not take advantage of when they were right there for you to gain and then benefit by.





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