Expanding on an Idea

When I sit here to start writing about this I get such a feeling of “Wow, this is what started to change my life!” At the time could I  have said what I was doing was expanding my life?

I do not think so. When I look back now though I sure can feel that is the very space that started me feeling and understanding the truth. Everyone has the source to do this for themselves.The critical mass, so to speak, is do you wish to take the years that it takes to teach yourself the self discipline that it takes?  It does take  years to teach yourself on your own to connect with the Universal truth. That is out there for all of us.

Now, you may be wondering why am I writing about this. Well, because I get a lot of questions thrown at me about why I do not just offer my services for all humanity. Well, plain and simple truth is we need currency to live in this world of ours. So, I need the currency as well as any of you do.

If I am going to be able to spend my hours working with others, so they  gain their wisdom’s in a shorter time frame, then I am going to need to generate the currency that allows me to go there and work with those that are in the need for my services.

This is expanding an idea, about the kind of work that people like me would like to share with others. One must always go by their heart feelings about any decision that they make. I know that is the part that I work through with my clients and students. How to trust that heart feeling.

So, how do we expand on an idea?

Ideas come to us as a thought form and a feel at approximately the same time. The feeling comes in first, that is what gets our attention, we have this feel. Then the thought comes in after to give us a description so we have it filter through our radio system and we can then decide how we are going to use this frequency to our benefit or detriment.

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