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remember who you areWhat is the biggest stumbling blocks for you to becoming one with the Universal Truth? Do you want to hear the truth?

It is simple and yet it will be the hardest thing that you choose to do in your life. It will bring you the greatest satisfaction, your heart will soar to the heavens and back. You will feel a love that as not been expressed here on Earth. There are no words that can describe what can be yours in your heart.

You will have to give up all the thoughts and ideas, opinions and beliefs, that you have held dearly to your heart. You will have to give up your stories of all the wrongs done to you. You will have to begin to love yourself even though you begin to realize how you have not only hurt yourself by your choices, but, you have also hurt those around you.

Yes, when you use control to control your world you are then not letting other god beings learn to make choices and mistakes. And without the falling down there will never be lessons learned.

You must learn the true walk of being a guardian rather than being a parent, or a friend who means well. It is all about asking questions of yourself. About taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Not many are people who get to travel the world and immerse themselves in other cultures and peoples ways of life. So you get stuck very easily thinking there is only one way to think, to act. It is a shame that so many of you truly think you know how this world runs.

I ask my students and clients to begin to watch movies that really push their comfort levels as these begin to help you see that there are as many beliefs out there as there are people. Yet we still have one thing in common… We all come from the same source, we are of the Divine and we all choose to come here to play on the stage of our own making. That Universal law does not change just because as we write our mathematical equation, we write in a way to prove to ourselves that we can come totally not remembering that we are of the god source, that we have the power to create a world of our own making.

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is the recognition that once again you can open your eyes and remember from whence you have come. To feel here, on this Earth, the power of remembering that all on this Earth is yours to experience.

Of course you do have to get over the Whys and How comes of the lessons that you choose to experience. That is what does get in the way of so many god beings. We ask, “If I was god, why would I be living a life like I am?”

Well that is the one question, my beloved friends, that if you seriously ask yourself each and every day, and then contemplate and journal, will set you totally and completely free. It is that simple and that easy.

Approach life simply with the heart of a small child, with wonder at the world around you and what it has to offer you. Yet, you do have to let go of your jaded and outworn ideas about what you think this world is about. If you can do that Beloved one, you will be in for one heck of a surprise about what can and should be in store for you.

Have fun and run… do not walk… to immerse yourself into this new life you are in total control of having.

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