Evaluation vs Comparison

When one chooses to truly walk the path of Universal Truth, one could assume there are many things in our physical life that we would have to give up. That was my understanding as a small girl going to parochial school learning about all the stories in the old testament.

As I was learning about the stories, I remember wondering if I would be like them. Would I believe in God enough when or if he called upon me. Would I say, ‘yes, this is the way I want to live my life in the light and understanding of God.’? I know this sounds strange, a young child having these kinds of thoughts, but I’ve always questioned myself with whatever concept or new idea was presented to me.

I did not know this at the time but I was learning to evaluate a situation in my life, not compare them. This was probably the most valuable lesson that my internal God could have given me. It taught me to evaluate each and every thing that happened to me. I began a series of life experiences that threw me into chaos for a little girl. Yet, I began to use this process of evaluating my scenario rather than comparing things in my life to other’s. When I would compare my life with someone else’s I would become very sad, I would rally and say this is not fair, why does my life have to be this way?!

When I evaluated my life experiences that were happening now, and looked at the choices I was making with my own life experiences from the past, I could very easily see that I had a choice that I made in the past that had me feel the way I did. I began to see that I could make a different choice and that gave me a different outcome. I began to see that how I told myself I should feel-vs-how I told myself I was feeling were different and that simply acknowledging how I was feeling brought to me a new strength of self. I knew I might not be able to tell someone else the whole truth, but I could no longer tell myself half-truths to let myself off of the proverbial hook.

I learned that each and every one of us tells a story about how our life has gone and goes; through my process of learning how to evaluate I have learned that we can begin to write a story that we have the power to change at any moment we choose!

It is this very questioning that has led me on my path for the truth. It is within the quiet times of our contemplating that we open up to all the insights that lead us to the truth. Not physical truths of this life but, the truth of the Universal that is the same for all of us.



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