Evaluation of Choices

What is the difference of evaluation – vs- judgement?

So just by looking at the words you would think that it would be very simple to discern between the two yet one is a process or action that one takes to have a clear understanding about how you feel about any given thing in your life and the other is an opinion about the life experiences that you have. No action steps just a belief about the story that you would call your experience.

Judgement is the opinion or conclusion you have come to because of an outcome in your life.

Evaluation is the review of the results from analysis, checkup, workup, test of the experience of your story that you had.

So both are important to the outcome of your life if you desire change. The problem is you forget to continue the evaluation process. By not continuing the evaluation process you never change what your opinions are even though you have many instances in your life that support any new and updated version of judgement that your experiences provided you.

This can and has created a huge mess in your life. It makes the vibrations around you snarly and tangled.

Why you ask? All things have a vibration. Your thoughts have a vibration, your words have a vibration, the actions that you have taken in your life have a vibration. These vibrations carry an atomic weight. This weight then has particles of the same weight drawn to the vibration that you mostly carry. It is those particles that create the physical experiences that you are having.

So you are tired of the old life that you have been having and you want to make a big change so you make a choice to move from the situation you are now in. So the physical change of the environment or the people or person that you desire to change from, Okay, that vibration has shifted, but you continue to have the same feelings and thoughts about the situation you just moved from…..

Those vibrations have not shifted so you immediately have a conflict in vibrations. Which vibration is going to win out? The ones that you continually go back to feel bad about? (which, by the way, adds to the atomic weight of those old thoughts and ideas.) So now add one more idea here… say you have 360 canisters in a circle and these 360 degrees, each degree represented by a canister, are circled around you and have been since you were born. So you have a lot of those canisters filled with those old judgments, opinions, and ideas. Well then you can see how you have already established a balance system that is weighted down by old opinions and ideas so without the evaluation system in place, constantly replacing ideas, judgments and opinions you are always creating from those canisters but with the same results no matter whether you are beginning again or not.

So incorporate the evaluation process as you are looking at the experience you are about to have, evaluate the experience as you are having it and then again at the end of the experience.

Then in that evaluation process you can choose for yourself the beliefs, opinions, and ideas you are going to throw away and the ones you are going to keep. In so doing you are creating new judgments each and everyday that will happily vibrate and call to you the particles of the physical experience you desire to have.


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