Evaluate your self- worth

self-worthYou have now been practicing the art of questioning and being your own Guardian. Yet you still are having difficulty in taking those actions steps that stand up for you. It has been so long that you have spent worrying about other peoples feelings and needs it just simply feels wrong to you to stand up for your personal needs. So this simply means you have to continue to evaluate your self- worth over those other’s needs.

Are you having happiness when you put them first? Now this is where you have to tell yourself the hard truth. How often, when you are trying to make someone else happy, do you really pull it off? Yes you heard my question… When you put someone else’s needs of happiness over yours how often does that person even feel what you have done for them? Even when you bring it to their attention?

You see that is where you have things twisted. Even when you are interacting with other’s you should only be doing things that make you happy. Let’s say you love doing the laundry and so doing that special someone’s laundry is not an issue for you because you love doing the laundry and then you get the extra bonus of that person saying you are so wonderful to me, yet to you, you just love doing the laundry, so you are filling your own need and that person feels loved but the difference is you never get that feeling of being used because you love doing the laundry.

Look around your life and search for something you decided to do that you did as a favor and you found you did not necessarily like doing so, yet you find yourself still doing it. And the person you are doing it for doesn’t even notice that you are doing it still and that you really do not like it. This is exactly what I am talking about. How many different things are you doing for people you love and yet do not feel the value of what you are doing coming back to you?

This is why you should only fill your very own needs. You will still be interacting with others. You will still be having loving interactions but you will not find yourself being under valued. Remember though it is not the other person or person’s that are under valuing you… it is you. Yes, it was you who made the choice to do the things that do not make you happy!

Now I am going to be harsh right here to you… you did not take into account your own feelings or your own self-worth when you made the choice to take the action steps that have you now feeling so very unhappy. It is here you can decide to continue on and feel bad because of not being valued and loved… Or Sweet one, you can take the initiative and start recognizing that you and only you can make a physical choice. No one can make someone else do something.

Others can council you and talk with you till the cows come home but when it comes down to the physical steps that have to be taken, that is yours and only yours to do. So if you are not happy then simply, with the most empathy you can muster, share with yourself and make the choices that make you feel that love and happiness.





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