Evaluate – no judging necessary

What does it mean when I talk about telling stories? What does it mean to you when you hear this term? As people work with me and we begin to work deeper with the history of one’s life, it allows me to hear how one uses the energy as they tell their stories again and again.

I explain to people that when you repeat your story time and time again in the same energy or expression as when the story or historical event took place, it shows the listener that you have not grown in a level of understanding. Now, for me that kind of stung. The truth is though, that there are many stories that we tell that keep us from maturing in that vibrational  degree.

There is another way we keep ourselves from maturing in a vibrational degree and that is when you use the concept – ‘If I simply bury it and do not think about it, it will go away.’ Now ask yourself, “Why do those same patterns keep showing up in my life when I have simply let the story go?”

The very two reasons I have been describing above. It is not about repeating the story just for the stories sake. It is about learning how to evaluate your actions in the story. To begin to break down the story for a life lesson. It has never been about blaming others for your feelings and emotions.

Remember, those are unique unto ourselves. Other’s can understand your emotions and feelings if they have had similar ones themselves, but because we are all born in a personal mathematical degree there is no identical degree, so each of us has an interaction that is just for us. As you begin to learn about vibrations and mathematical degree’s you will begin to see the pure beauty of what I call the universal dance.

The real joy begins when you see how each of our lives really are unique and different and can not be the same… when you see how you have spent your life up until now trying to be a degree of someone else’s, claiming to try to be unique and be an individual of your true self.

So once again… evaluate your stories, break them down; not looking for the points where someone else should do the changing, but looking for the points where you could change how you  respond in a like scenario, where you choose truly the people you should be with. Not because it is easy but because it is the best thing for yourself.

Delrae J Bantz

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