Evaluate from within

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where your friends make a previous issue their cause in life to protect you? Where you, yourself, have not even begun to deal with it and then they go off and make it worse?

Why do you think that is? Take time here and really think about this. Have you asked them not to do anything or say anything? Why is there a space for someone to intervene when they do not need to?

Ask yourself why is the lesson yours? The first thing you have to look at of course is what is the lesson? I know this may seem simplistic but, so many of us just go walking through this life and we may not be happy, yet we never look any closer, never ask ourselves, “Do I have the power to change the things in my life?”

So there are several lessons that can be for you in this small example:

1. Do you follow through with things all the way to the end?
2. Can you communicate and express yourself so you are understood?
3. Is your walking and talking the same or are they your true conflict?
4. Are you learning what ‘anti-war’ and ‘pro-peace’ are?

These are just a few lessons that you could be trying to learn about so you can see if you spend your time looking outside of yourself, trying to figure out why so and so are doing things, instead of looking at what the lesson is for you. If you don’t stop looking outside of yourself, you will be going around in circles indefinitely. First look at the lesson when you ask your questions from your internal you, you will then begin to take charge of the outer experiences .

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