Evaluate Before Choosing

walkinloveAs I was working with one of my students recently, it came to my notice that when I teach how to evaluate, that the student was only using the evaluating process for the life experiences already had.

The student was not putting that into the now and using the evaluation process to the advantage of the opportunity or the choices that was being faced right in that present now. So, that was the topic I chose to talk about in my Wednesday class and it was very revealing to me that the other students had been doing the same thing.

When you learn the benefit of evaluating your past experiences, it allows you to see where  you had made choices and the physical outcome that you then experienced. When you have that information available to you and an opportunity to make a choice in the very now that you are standing in, then you use the information that you have from evaluating your past experiences and use that information to tell yourself about the choice you are just about to make.

This is where people seem to have so much trouble. Say you are invited to go to several things with one person, say meeting for breakfast, and then out shopping and then maybe to a movie, and this person is notoriously late and then slow for everything. You know this about the person because you have taken the time to evaluate your feelings about the slow moving and the habit of lateness.

Yet, you make the date and then get so very mad at the person. My question to you is… Why? Then on top of getting mad you want to hold that person accountable for you getting mad. Why?

I am asking these questions in all seriousness. I hear so many people get mad about the other person and their behavior, yet was it not you, yes you, that knew this about this person and said yes to the invitation anyway? I am not suggesting you do not say yes to the invitation. What I am saying is when you said yes, you were saying yes to the persons behavior as well, so you do not get to get mad.

This is why you evaluate the past experiences to remember where the accountability is when you say yes to an invitation in the present. You will have a life with far more peace of mind and enjoyment when you begin to stand right in this place and time and evaluate your choices honestly and truthfully .

You would have such power over your own life by simply evaluating each choice with the truth about the whys, the who’s and the when’s. If you can do that and say yes and then remember that you made a conscious choice, you will not get upset or mad at anyone… not even yourself, because you will know you can always make a different choice the next time that a similar choice  is presented to you. Walk into the new year in truth and love.
Delrae J Bantz

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