Energies and Vibrations – What Are They?

I think I need to begin to talk about what energies are and how they work in our lives as well as what vibrations are and how they affect our true energy of self.

I feel too many beings think that these words are one and the same. They are not. Because of the mistaken information you are not understanding how an energy can be diluted and changed from it’s original format into and mixed with a vibration that is not of our making.

It is for this very reason, that you can feel that you have never met what your heart feels you should have become while you are here. You are feeling your energy. You are not taking a look at the vibrations around you that you have allowed to interfere with your energy.

How many times have you looked at your life and known it needed to have changes in it to have it feel the way you know it is supposed to feel?

How many times have you simply settled for what you are living? Why do you suppose that is?

Take the time and really feel the answers to these questions, honor these questions… without thinking that it is too late to change or do something different. Those kinds of thoughts are a vibration that is really just blocking your internal energy source from flowing to its fullest.

The concepts that are counter to our true energy create a vibration. In that vibration there is a braking system. It does not stop our true energy. At any moment we can make the choice to allow ourselves to stand only in the truth of our divine energy. First though, you have to recognize and let go of the words, the concepts, the opinion of others and yours that hold a vibration not of your energy source.

Parenting is one of the number one vibrations that takes a small child off their energy path like in 0 to 60 seconds. The first time the adult makes a decision for the child, without listening to the child, without asking the child questions and truly listening to the answer, is the beginning of taking that child off their path.In any scenario that arises, if guidance, through asking questions of the child is not put in right then and there, the Parent is already putting in a vibration contrary to the original energy source of that small god being.

We as a whole on this planet need to start taking accountability for the fact that being small does not mean the soul energy is not of the ages. It is necessary to understand we have lived before and shall live again. We have to start being Guardians, not dictators, to the souls that are coming through us to live on this planet. We take this whole “I am your Parent” thing way too far. Really give this some contemplation as I begin to talk more about this concept of energy and the harm that a vibration can do if it does not match our true energy source from within.

Delrae J Bantz



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