Empathy for Self

empathyWhen you wake up and begin to take charge of your life, the first thing you should add is empathy for self. You will begin to find that all of your choices that have made your life unbearable will need lots of love for you, from you.

Please do not go into the rationale that you had to have the experience to be who you are. That really is not  the issue. That is a saying that has taken off by people who give up and do not want to look at the choices they made that got them to this bad emotion that they are feeling today. It keeps you powerless. Think about it… really think about what that saying is really telling you.

You are powerless, that life just happens and you have no say in the matter. That is what social consciousness came up with to keep you downtrodden. If you see and take back the power in your life, you can not be manipulated into believing things about this world that just are not true.

When you have begun to see that you made choices out of fear of change, rather than the choice which was the very best for you, then you will begin to see that you are never asked to take a giant leap; instead it’s about taking a baby step. At first even a baby step may feel as though it is a giant leap because you have been looking too far ahead, anticipating the end result. You do not have to ever look at the end result once you begin to understand that one tiny step changes how you have reacted in the past.

When the change shows you that you will get different reactions and effects in your life, that will then reinforce that you are making choices in your life that are either giving positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement. That is all the proof that you need that you have always been in charge of how your world turns out.

The second hardest thing for each of you is to stop blaming the outside world for anything. That is a very hard habit to break  From birth we have been taught how it was not your parents fault or that it was not your fault so on and on and on, unill you have no power unto yourself. That is the lie; even as a small child you make choices. You make choices to share, you make choices to be jealous, you make choices to believe you are fat or skinny .

You make choices to believe that your race holds you back and another gets more breaks. You have the choice to say men have it better than women and the other way around. It is your beliefs, opinions, and attitudes that cause you to have the outcomes in your life that you have.

Your power lies in changing how you believe. Let go of the tried choices; they have gotten you here. In your sadness, your stress, your disappointment of this life. Once you begin to truly make different choices about all the things you feel in your life you will see a new life emerge.

Just remember, if you do nothing your life will continue as it is. That, of course, is your birthright too. You are the divine essence of your Being so if you continue as you are, your life will not change. It is in making continually different choices that your life experience changes.

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