Emerging as a New Person.

I have noticed with my students that they are really happy about becoming a new person when they first begin. Then there comes a time when they think they have to start giving up things. Then the emerging becomes one of the biggest struggles of their lives. How to overcome the fear and strife that comes with the misunderstanding of change in ones life.

First, why is it we forget that we were not happy with the life that we are experiencing right now? Is that not the reason for the change? What is it about that first step that seems so hard for a person? Is it possible that the person is reaching out to find the total outcome of ones life?

What we should be doing is just looking for the first step. The first step we should take just for this moment. I believe this is where so many people get confused. Do not look so far into the future. What do I mean the future? Well, have you not told yourself for example: I do not get along with my spouse . So, looking to the end result would be: I have to divorce the spouse.

No! That is not necessarily the end result. For what if the spouse was simply holding a place, playing a role, showing the contrast of your questions that you are contemplating within your own thoughts? In other words, allowing you to see all your worst fears. The ones that you do not want to see about yourself. I am not saying that the contrast is the truth about you. I am saying that you are afraid to see if that could be.

When we do not look the contrast right in the eye, we do not give ourselves a fair playing board.

Say you have a balanced scale… is there any movement in the weights? No. Well what if, by mistake, you are the weight on one side of the scale? Is there any movement? Again, no. When you do not look at the contrast or simply the other side of whom you are, you become part of the scale.

You, of course, are supposed to be in constant movement when it comes to understandings about yourself. You must not be part of the scale.

Any questions feel free to comment I will be glad to answer any and all your questions…

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  1. Wow, thank you for this insight. This just shows me again how I did not see the gift standing in front of me. What a great way to see the next step for me. Thank you!

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