Embrace Yourself!

embrace-yourselfI teach my students about a concept called tear down. When I share this I share that you have cycles in your year. When I first begin to teach you these cycles I teach that there are seven cycles in each year and there are fifty-two days in each one of the seven cycles.

Each one of these cycles has an energy that carries you along in your creative energy and some are times of down cycles for regenerative purposes in your life. The one I think is the most important for each of us is our last 52 days in the 7th cycle right before your birthday. I call it the tear down cycle. In this cycle I teach my students to take each day and contemplate about the things that are working for you and the things that are not.

Take the time to really look at these choices that you are making, whether it is the job you have, the people in your life, the personal thoughts that you have about you and the world around you. Challenge them! All of them! See where your opinions and ideals are supporting the whole of you and where they are not.

This is the best time in the seven cycles to let go of the ideals, concepts, life choices, that are not supporting the new beliefs that you are forming. You want to begin making a list of what it is you would like to experience in the first cycle of your personal, up-coming new year. As well as make a list of the ideals and beliefs that you would like to challenge and see if they are out dated and no longer support the person you are realizing that you desire to become.

Then on your birthday, on the minute of the time you were born, stand in the place that brings you the most personal joy, allow yourself to really rejoice in the fact that you as a god being choose to be here on the beautiful planet with all its glorious diversity that at any given day experiences the full gamut of physical expressions.

Give love and heart felt joy in the fact that you are here and that you are in love with the you that is part of the essence of the all of our Universe. Allow three minutes to simply feel being a part of the grand plan of this divine experience. Bring peace to your heart and mind that you can and are in charge of each expression, of each emotion, of each feeling that you are having.

Allow yourself to feel the earth around you as she hugs you and fills you with a peace that will fill you with a rebirth of the energy of you .

For each of you the experience will be different because what brings peace and love in your heart is so different but know that because you are taking the time for the you in your world, that you will begin to see that it is and always has been your choice to be separate from the truth of this glorious place in the Universe. Have fun! You are worth this one moment in time that is truly just for you.





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