Dreams – do we use them to their fullest intent

When I first started many, many years ago now, I started working with dreams and I interpreted them for people.

There are Universal symbols and those that Doctors and psychologists use and I am not going to get into that sort of thing. What I am going to get into is that you should begin your own dictionary of symbols. Why? Well, because there are so many interpretations out there.I have always interpreted the dream for the person I am reading. I begin with a few simple terms. Man – and man, no matter the face, is always interpreted as the physical world. It is not about the face of the man. Just that male is the physical world.

Female, no mater the face is always spirit or your God essence. So, now take the face of the people you are dreaming about please.

The age of the male or female is simply showing how long you have been in a certain scenario. The rest is yours. What I mean is that as you begin to look at your dreams are there colors or is it black or white?

I break everything down by asking, what does it feel like to you? I am sharing this because as we sleep we are in the fifth dimension… or what some term heaven. We are re establishing ourselves. We are being guided by our elders and teachers to get to the path we chose to learn from here in this life experience.

Because we make things matter (physical dross mass) that do not need to be, we have walked away from what we had begun.

Once again it does not matter why. We did, so now we want to reacquaint ourselves with the truth. Our dreams are the symbols that we are sending to ourselves while we are sleeping because the essence of ourselves is in heaven saying try this or do this instead.

That is why you must begin to make your own dictionary of symbols; they only have to make sense to you. Once you have symbols down that you understand then you can start seeing how your dreams are talking directly to you… how wisdom’s are at your figure tips.

If you do not recall dreams it is not because you are not having them my friends, it is because they fade quickly as you wake. So, if you are not allowing yourself to wake and slowly come to the surface of wakefulness you are losing your information. Have a great day my friends….

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