DOUBT – how it stops our creation

When one sits in doubt, what can we do to step out of it as quickly as possible so we do not wander too far from our hearts desire?

I know this to be the greatest killer of all dreams, hopes, and desires. As we sit on the verge of seeing our creations come to completion, if we could just begin to see this is where we lose heart. This is when we are weary and we have been working hard at the physical part of the completion of our dreams coming true.

This is when it seems as though all is coming apart at the seams. I ask you to please try, at this very point, to take a very deep breath. This is where the weak will fall away. This is where you need to set down all those voices in your head that say, “I must think of a way out of this.”

This is the place you have to use your discipline, in not running away screaming. Because we all know that when we get here that is precisely what each and every one of us really wants to do. We just want to get rid of the emotions that makes us feel desperate. I say to you STOP! Go within. Give yourself Grace, and breathe in the peace that will bring comfort to your heart .

Once you can bring comfort to yourself, a way is always given with the internal guidance… a way that you will have to admit you would never have thought of in a state of desperation. If you will sit in this truth it makes it easier and easier to give yourself Grace. The only reason that we get to that place of screaming is because our doubt say’s that just this once, it is not going to work. We so want it to work.

We just have to realize that when the doubt sets in, we just need to let go, as if you were walking off a plank knowing you are going to your death. Yet you shall feel your foot touch the firm ground as you step down.

It is love for yourself that sets you free, the gentle fight for the fact you have the God right to have creation. Yes, the God right to have any and all that your heart can feel for you! It takes discipline and accountability to this simple fact.. you have the God right for any and all …..

Do you agree with me? Challenge me, I wait to hear from you .

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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