Don’t ‘fake it’, Just make it!

Have you heard the concept to ‘fake it til you make it’? Well unless you understand the concept of having faith, faking is simply all you end up doing. The way to begin to walk in the Universal Truth and to have internal happiness is to see in your life the changes you really desire to have.

You can not fake that and so when I look at this ‘fake it til you make it’ concept I can see why it seemed to be a way to begin… but then people get lost, they do not push themselves to the next level of true understanding that comes from the Internal Source… the true understanding of how to become free of worry and fear.

One of the things that we discuss in my Wednesday night class is how to look at the whole picture when you are evaluating anything that happens that does not make you feel good about a situation. As you look at the whole picture and then evaluate this one aspect that does not feel good, you can start exploring where your parameter began to break down.

The parameter is the way that you desire to feel and interact in a given situation. It is not about how to control others, it is to show you when you can no longer play in the experience because of how others are choosing to play in their lives. The biggest thing to remember is that they do get to make their choices. If those choices bring you harm in any of your feelings, then you must look at that seriously when you are asked to play in any parameter.

Take into consideration the whole history with this person, remember they have just as much right as you do to act out and be who they are. It is not about them changing… it is about you telling yourself the truth about how you feel in your heart about how they are.

Be honest with yourself about the feelings you have about the other persons behavior or choices, then know that when you make the choice to play with them in the life experience, you do not get to get mad at them for being and doing what they desire. Remember, you can not decide for someone else what their life lessons are. You must just learn and walk yours. You must remember that as you have the choice, so they also have the choice.

You then must take the accountability that if you play with them, knowing in truth who and what they are, you are the one hurting your feelings! Yes, you are. Now, this is looking at the whole history. The most important question is: Why do you want to have a life experience with someone who, through their life choices, hurts your feelings or takes away from you a joyful experience?

The way you take charge of your life is to walk in the space of learning your own life lesson not someone else’s; To remember when you say, “you can’t” you are in essence letting only yourself down… no one else, and I am repeating no one but yourself.

Delrae J Bantz

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